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If you need a digital illustration with my style and signature to enhance your project, you can contact me in LinkedIn. Send me your question, requirements, needs or ideas  


From the end of the year 2018 to the first lockdown, I used to paint with acrylics. Here you can see some of my cityscapes, landscapes, and portrait artworks available for purchase.

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You can buy some of my designs in

Society6 and in Spoonflower. You can also contact me through Twitter

Would you like to add an illustration to your project, but you feel a bit shy to ask me for pricing?

Prices varies with size and complexity. 

For social media and marketing purposes, the square illustration below illustrates itself.

For bigger sizes, higher resolution, character design, more complex backgrounds and short animations, click here.

Machine learning - stirling 2022

Drawings and storytelling in Data Science can add interest, explanability and engagement to subjects and concepts otherwise hard to follow or understand.  Here, the summary of one of my Machine Learning assignments (you can see some of the code here ).

Fitovitalia, málaga 2011 - 2018

Raymifoods, málaga 2012-2018, edimburgo 2018-2020

Logo design for Fitovitalia. Logo and products label design for Raymifoods brand. (I also designed Banana Modas logo and bags, but thas was before personal computers were mainstream, so I don´t keep a copy). 

Farmacéuticos sin fronteras, perú - 1996

When teaching in Perú about the rational use of medicines, I used to design games as a didactic material to engage my students and that was much before the word “gamification” becomes a buzzword.

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