This is a project I completed in 2021. It consists of a series of small portraits paintings with acrylic (A4 or 20×20 ) of female artists, many of whom were often overshadowed by their relationships with famous male artists. The goal of the project is to increase the visibility of these artists and encourage viewers to question why women artists are often overlooked. Women’s art is often excluded from the mainstream art world, and this project is an effort to bring their work to light. If you never heard of them, google their names and find their styles.

This collection is available for exhibition and for sale (unframed). Make me an offert by writing me a message on LinkedIn

Jeanne Hébuterne
Jeanne Hébuterne
Leonora Carrington
Victorine Meurent
Dora Maar
Cecilia Beaux
Marie Bracquemond
Sue Tilley
Camille Claudel
Camille Claudel
Adele Morales

Sofonisba and San Lorenzo de El Escorial


This little artwork was painted in 2021.

It is a postcard made with acrylic paint and ink, representing a view of the town landscape with the sketch of the Monasterio del Escorial.

The physical artwork was sent from Edinburg, UK to Dora Roman in Madrid, Spain for her art proyect:  Postales para Sofonisba.

In this pdf doc, you can see all the postcards sent from all over Spain to her. This artwork is shown in pg 67 of the document.