During the wacky and wild times of the lockdown era, I stumbled upon a quaint little treasure in an Edinburgh charity shop: a vintage book titled “How to be a Cartoonist” by Peter Maddocks, all the way from 1982. And because becoming a cartoonist during a global pandemic is just the most logical career choice, I bought the book and spend the following days having fun practising Maddocks´ lessons. Below, my first political cartoon.

Feel free to utilize any of these illustrations, but kindly attribute the author’s copyright to www.inmaruiz.com

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Every now ang again, in the alternative health sector -and I would say, in the official one as well- a wonderful product, therapy, technique o ritual appears in social media and promises to cure whatever health issue you have. There are lot of testimonies and videos, a guru, a book, training courses, hundred of articles and even a couple of scientific or pseudoscientific papers to convince you. 

There is a hype, and then it fades. Maybe because a new panacea takes its place?

I don´t pretend to decide -nor find- whether they work or not. I am just drawing a collection of them.